Easyliner: 小型企業綜合線上信用保險


Safeguard your accounts receivables with small business credit insurance

100% online management

40% of very small businesses face risk due to customer non-payment. 

Directors and CFOs know that late payments and unpaid debts can severely affect cash flow, productivity, and growth. Stay ahead with EasyLiner. 

Protect your small business's accounts receivables with tailored credit insurance, securing B2B invoices domestically and overseas.

Insure your outstanding debts effortlessly

EasyLiner: simplified SME credit insurance protecting against unpaid invoices domestically and abroad. Learn more about our offer ensuring efficient credit management for your customers.

  • Cover your invoices

    Access our online client and prospect evaluations. Secure your sales with just a few clicks. Benefit from Coface’s global network of risk experts providing ongoing analysis to alert you to potential risks.

  • Indemnify your losses

    Protect your cash flow and preserve margins. If the collection process is slow or ineffective, no worries! Coface indemnifies up to 90% of the invoice.

  • Collect your receivables

    Report unpaid guaranteed invoices online and manage collections worldwide. Optimize collection rates and maintain trade relations with support from our capable teams!

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A simple, all-inclusive policy

EasyLiner credit insurance tailored for very small businesses: exclusively for companies with a turnover under HKD65 million.

Are you the director or financial manager of a very small business whose daily life is hectic? Simplify your life with EasyLiner:

  • 100% online management
  • All-inclusive annual package 
  • Rates start at HKD25,000.

With EasyLiner, maintain budget control and safeguard your business - without any unexpected setbacks!

Expand your business with unwavering assurance

Effortlessly oversee your commercial growth.

Leverage our credit insights and real-time monitoring of client and prospect solvency. EasyLiner enhances your competitive edge by refining credit conditions for your customers. 

Seeking new markets? EasyLiner safeguards your turnover as you explore domestic and international business opportunities.

Become a good customer for your bank

Guarantee your invoices with EasyLiner and boost your trustworthiness with your financial partners.

Think about it: opting for a SME credit insurance policy that improves your terms for borrowing and helps you access overdraft facilities.

With EasyLiner you can set up a delegation of guarantee free of charge and transfer payment of the indemnities of your policy directly to your bank or factor.

EasyLiner: Seamlessly Managed Every Day

Effortlessly handle your policy through our online platform:

• Solvency Monitoring:
Track your clients' solvency and receive expert opinions and guarantees online. If their situation worsens, our Coface team will reach out to you.

• Online Claims:
Facing unpaid debts? Report your claim online, and we initiate the collection process promptly, whether locally or globally.

• Indemnification:
If collection efforts prove unsuccessful within the agreed timeframe, we provide compensatory indemnity.

Need assistance? Our Customer Relations Department experts are available to support you in managing your policy day-to-day.


Protect your most crucial asset

With EasyLiner SME credit insurance for small businesses, steer clear of late payments and unpaid debts. Protect your accounts receivables. Focus on business growth.

  • 80% of small businesses experience unpaid debts

    Small businesses often struggle to recover outstanding debts and they have to work extremely hard to ensure their debts are settled.

  • 25% of small business failures are the result of unpaid debts

    Two out of three companies pay their sub-contractors or suppliers late. This is the root cause of nearly a quarter of all bankruptcies of very small businesses.

  • 40% of the assets of small businesses are customer loans

    Late payments and unpaid invoices represent almost 40% of small business assets. Accounts receivables are a significant burden, which strengthens the case for managing your credit risk properly.


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