Coface launches API Portal, a new digital platform dedicated to API solutions

This new digital platform, designed by Coface, provides its customers and distribution partners with a full range of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

Coface's API Portal has been designed mainly for credit managers and financial directors, who can now benefit from Coface's services and expertise from their working environment (business applications, specialized software, etc.) to manage trade credit risk more effectively.


Immediate access to Coface services and data anywhere in the world

Coface is investing in this area with the aim of providing its clients with advanced digital credit risk management solutions, in line with the best market standards.

Easy to use, Coface's API Portal currently offers 26 API products in trade credit insurance or Business Information, with access to Coface's services andunique data on more than 188 million companies. Thanks to these solutions, Coface's clients can rationalise certain costs (development, maintenance) while saving time and resources.


Addressing developers to deliver a personalised customer experience

The other purpose of the API Portal is to answer the needs of the IT developers of Coface's corporate customers, who are also stakeholders of the Group's solutions. This platform now enables them to interface easily with the Coface environment, but also to design customised APIs based on the specific features of their business applications or their sector of activity.


Customer connectivity, a key challenge for Coface and its clients

A few months after the launch of Alyx, the digital credit risk management assistant for its policyholders, Coface is pursuing its initiatives to provide its customers with a higher level of connectivity and to support them in the digitalisation of their activities.

This is a new stage in the partnership we are developing with our clients. Connectivity is an essential part of the customer experience today, in the same way that it was essential for a company to have its own website in the 2000s or to develop its own mobile application. These solutions meet the growing requirements of our stakeholders for greater efficiency, smoother customer journeys and the development of new offerings. We are convinced that connectivity is a major way of delivering a higher quality of service to our clients and differentiating ourselves in our market.

- Brice Tariel, Group Innovation Director