Discover Broker Portal Insights, our new video series

The Broker Portal is a digital platform for Coface brokers. Modern and intuitive, this platform allows brokers to optimize the management of their activity.

Providing business information


With the Broker Portal, brokers have a better overview of, and more knowledge about their clients. This facilitates their business management and the day-to-day performance in terms of customer portfolio management, while also providing them with more support from Coface's teams.


The Coface Broker Portal is available in more than 45 countries, and in 22 languages. 98% of of targeted brokerage companies have access to the portal, and the number of monthly connections has increased sixfold since launch, reaching 130,000+ connections. This increase is in part due to the new tools and options we've added to the Broker Portal since it's launch, just over two years ago.


Our partners' feedback

But what do our brokers think about it? We asked some of our partners from all over the world to share their feedback:

  • Austria: Christian Berger, Country Head of Marsh Austria
  • France: Emmanuel Portier, Executive Chairman of ICBA
  • Mexico: François de Pins, Partner-Director at INCCOR
  • South Africa: Warren McDonald, Coastal Manager at Aon South Africa
  • Spain: Silvia De Benito, Account Officer at Bruzon Correduria de seguros
  • Turkey: Tolga Aktolga, Commercial Director at AU Turkey

This success is a the result of team work, from multiple teams and offices at Coface to our Broker Community. It's our privilege to continue serving our common customers better together, and we are grateful for everyone's continued efforts in making this project a reality!

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