Power the Core, our strategic plan for 2027

Power the Core, our strategic plan, builds upon the successes of the previous strategic plans, in order to deepen and broaden Coface’s franchise, with the ambition to develop a global ecosystem of reference for credit risk management.

Power the core

Develop a global ecosystem of reference for credit risk management

Strategic plan 2024-2027
1- Reach data and technology excellence a- Build differentiating new data and scoring capabilities b- Invest in technology to offer full connectivity to our clients. ;   2- Deepen and broaden our trade credit insurance franchise a- Underwrite with courage and discipline b- Stimulate customer-oriented profitable growth c- Deliver on simplification of the client experience ;  3- Pursue profitable double-digit growth in business information services a- Keep building sales teams with consistency b- Broaden data sourcing and expand use cases  c- Upgrade IT platforms ;  4- Leverage our unique culture a- Enhance attractive employer value proposition  b- Deliver on our CSR commitments
picture showing how Coface wants to develop an ecosystem of reference for credit risk management


Financial targets as explained in the following text

Financial Targets through the cycle

  • Undiscounted combined ratio: ~78%
  • RoATE* (Return on average tangible equity): 11%
  • Towards the upper end of the range: 155-175%
  • Payout ratio: ≥80%
  • Business Information contribution to 2027 RoATE*: 0,5%

*At the current level of interest rate environment

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