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Credit Management Services

 « Assess and monitor my customer's solvency »

Knowing your business partners and customers well is always a best practice in the world of business. At every stage of its business, finding the right partners and assessing your customers’ abilities to fulfill their commitments is an essential practice to your business.
You may need to check the background of your customer before you decide to sell. You may need to assess the financial strength of your buyers before you commit a 60-day credit terms. You may need to monitor your existing customers to avoid any unpredicted changes in their management or operations.
« Coface requires business information for risk underwriting of its credit insurance business. Therefore, we have to build a sophisticated company database with updated information. Coface and its partners has network in about 100 countries where we have rich company know-how. Therefore, we also providebusiness information reportin some countriesfor companies to assess and monitor their customers’ insolvency. »

« Collect unpaid debts »

In current unstable economic environment, no company could guarantee its revenue will be unaffected by changing market trend, market demand or political uncertainties. Your customers are not exceptions and late payment or unpaid invoices could happen to your company and it could be damaging to your cash flow and your financial position.
Collecting debt payment requires dedicated resources, professionals with good legal knowledge and negotiation skills. Not all businesses are equipped with these resources to do the job. You therefore would seek for the help from a professional service provider.
« Coface provides commercial debt collection services in some countries. We have strong experience of commercial debt collection to support our credit insurance activities. Coupled with the comprehensive international network of Coface in over 100 countries, we could ensure absolute control of your company’s credit and collection management. »
Credit Management Services


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